Happy Book Birthday to Blood Sacrifice and Aftermath!

Happy Book Birthday to Maria Lima for Blood Sacrifice, # 5 in her fabulous Blood Lines series - and don't forget you can
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your choice of one of Maria's Blood Lines books
(Int. ends midnight 30th Aug GMT)

All’s fair in blood and war. . . 

Talk about wedding crashers from hell. Keira Kelly and her sexy vampire king, Adam, are about to tie the proverbial knot—sort of—when an uninvited blood relative shows up to cast a long, dark shadow over the happy occasion. It seems the dreaded forces of the Dark Fae have declared war on Keira’s family!

And Happy Book Birthday to Ann Aguirre for Aftermath*, #5 in the wonderful Sirantha Jax series.

During the war against murderous, flesh-eating aliens, grimspace "jumper" Sirantha Jax decided to go it alone. The cost of her actions: the destruction of modern interstellar travel-and the lives of six hundred Conglomerate soldiers. Now she's on trial fro dereliction of duty, desertion, mass murder, high treason...and her life.

I've been lucky enough to read both these awesome books and if you're a fan like me, you'll love them, and if you're not, then give these fantastic series a try, and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do :-D

ETA: Via Nicole Peeler - an impressive list of lots of lots of great new releases here at Hanging with Bells blog! 

*Warning: This book made me cry (It takes a lot to do that when I'm reading :-)) - Ann is an *evil character torturing author*- and once you've finished Aftermath, you're going to be desperate to read Endgame! #justsayin' *g*

Where I'm going to be . . .

Saturday 10th September 2011 @ 3pm

Along with the fabulous Ben Aaronovitch - Book online
St Swithun’s upper hall: doors open 2.30pm, event starts 3pm.
Urban fantasy novelists Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London, Moon Over Soho) and Suzanne McLeod (Spellcrackers.com) read from and chat about their books, the fantasy / thriller / mystery genres and using London as a backdrop for their characters.

Read more about Ben Aaronovitch and Suzanne McLeod on the festival's website.

Details on how to get there 

So if you're about, then why not come and see us? We won't bite, promise! (but our characters might *g*)

A Long Strange Trip - Maria Lima - Guest Post + Giveaway

I'm thrilled to welcome the lovely Maria Lima to the blog today. Maria writes the fang-tabulous Blood Lines series with Keira Kelly and the gorgeous, sexy vampire Adam Walker. Blood Sacrifice - book 5 and sadly the last :-( - in the series is out on August 30th, and Maria's here to tell us how the series came about. She's also kindly offering a giveaway for one lucky commentator! (Int).

Congratulations on the upcoming release, Maria, and thanks so much for being here! The blog's all yours!

ETA: Winner has now been drawn and is:

Donnas who said...

Congrats on the upcoming release!! Looking forward to what you start on next!

An email's on it way to you, Donnas!

A Long Strange Trip

What a long, strange trip it’s been--to utterly steal the lines from the Grateful Dead. I mean, who knew just a mere seven years ago that I’d be (a) published and (b) wrapping up my first series? Not I--though my mother continues to insist she knew when I was a kid that I’d be a professional writer. Back then, I wanted to be a comic book artist. Go figure.

I love reading, so much so, that I toyed with the idea of becoming a librarian at one point. Then I found out that it required grad school--not necessarily a bad thing, but at that point, I was really, really sick of school and having to go a couple of extra years was just not on the menu. So I majored in journalism, broadcast and film, with an emphasis on TV and film--why? Because it was interesting. Employable, well, not so much. At least not in San Antonio, Texas. I could’ve done some internships at local TV stations or in radio, but honestly, I was pretty rootless and clueless when I finished college. I fell into the grind of corporate work, primarily in human resources. That said, I always found a way to write--whether employee focused newsletters or marketing copy, I needed to soothe that muse that kept hitting me over the head.

It wasn’t until I re-invented myself in late 1999 that I knew I wanted a huge change. I moved from Texas to the DC area to work in tech in mid 2000. I’d been a member of Sisters in Crime for years and already knew a ton of people in the area, mostly writers. They all encouraged me. So I wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

My first short story, “The Butler Didn’t Do It”, was published in 2004, via a Sisters in Crime anthology. It garnered an Agatha Award nomination. My first novel, MATTERS OF THE BLOOD, followed the next year (via a small press, which eventually folded). I came very close to giving up after that--but at the very same convention, I met the person who kickstarted my writing career: John Betancourt, owner of Wildside Press. Wildside republished Matters, then went on to publish the 2nd book, BLOOD BARGAIN. Then, thanks to John, who entered into a co-publishing agreement with Pocket Books, both those books were republished by Pocket, immediately followed by the third book, then the final two.

A total whirlwind? Yeah. Absolutely. Kind of like my protagonist’s life, actually. Keira’s just sitting around and hanging out when things begin to happen to change her life--for the better. I’ve loved every minute of it. Now that the final Blood Lines book is coming out, what’s next?

I’m working on the audiobooks for the series (I’m doing the reading). The audiobooks will be issued via Audible.com thanks to Wildside Press. I’m also working on some other writing projects. The show goes on as do I.

What do you readers want to see?


Yay! Thanks for the great post, Maria. I ♥♥♥ the Blood Lines series, and I'm lucky enough to be reading Blood Sacrifice now as my 'treat book' for reaching The End on my own! Blood Sacrifice is a wonderful book, the best in the series I think, so all the Blood Lines fans have got a fab treat in store too!


For a chance to win a copy of one of Maria's books (winner's choice) please leave a comment for Maria: Either what book you'd like to see Maria do next, or your favourite character in the Blood Lines series, or leave Maria your congratulations!

Please leave a way to contact you (email in comment: Please remember to replace @ with [at] to forestall spam - or your twitter name - no way to contact you - no entry).

Giveaway is international and closes end of day (GMT time) August 30th 2011.

Full General Terms and Rules at the bottom of this post here.

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Blood Sacrifice
The Blood Lines series - Book 5 - August 30, 2011

All’s fair in blood and war. . . .

Talk about wedding crashers from hell. Keira Kelly and her sexy vampire king Adam are about to tie the proverbial knot—sort of—when an uninvited blood relative shows up to cast a long dark shadow over the happy occasion. Adam’s brother Gideon comes bearing the one-size-fits-all gift of bad news: an ancient, convoluted Challenge thrown down upon the entire Kelly clan. It seems the dreaded forces of the fae have declared war on Keira’s family, and at stake is the land that is rightfully theirs.

But while the Kellys gather their troops in a historic San Antonio hotel to strategize, there’s mayhem back in Rio Seco. The old cemetery is vandalized, fires break out everywhere, and—worst of all—the Kelly clan matriarch and leader, Keira’s great-great-grandmother Minerva, goes missing. Should Keira risk breaking the Challenge rules by returning to her beloved home, or should she continue the waiting game that seems the only other option? With everything she loves, maybe even her life, on the line, she has only one chance to get the answer right.

Buy from:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Book Depository 
Or any good bookstore :-).
Find Maria
Maria's website
Maria on Facebook
Maria on Twitter

Yay! I have done this . . .

WoooooT! The Shifting Price of Prey has reached The End!

Author's note: reaching The End is a huge, huge milestone *phew*, but the book isn't finished yet. My fantastic critique partner Jaye Wells* and my wonderful Beta readers have to tell me which bits are golden and which bits suck. And then my awesome editor, the lovely (and extremely patient) Gillian (find her here on twitter!) (find her here on twitter!) will be forcing me to eat lunch whilst poking me and the manuscript with a huge and very sharp red pen expertly guiding me to make the book the best it can be! I ♥♥♥ My Editor!

Now I will be doing this to catch up on all things Not The Book!
Except, y'know with more head, hopefully!
(Author's Warning: decapitation only suitable for fictional characters)

And this! 
Except, y'know, without the tennis racket
And some of this! Yay!

So if you're waiting to hear from me about something, anything, or even if you're not *sad face*, thank you for being so patient, and you will hear from me soon as possible! *cross my heart* :-D

And stayed tuned for a wonderful guest post (and giveaway) later today by the fabulous Maria Lima!

*Jaye Wells writes the fang-tastic Sabina Kane series. 
If you're not already reading it, go now and do so! You won't be sorry, I promise!

And just because we do all love Johnny (and nothing to do with spoilers . . . *g*) 
I leave you with this! 

Happy Release Day to Bringer of Light by Jaine Fenn!

Happy Release Day to Jaine Fenn's fabulous SF book

Bringer of Light

And if you're in the UK, you can win a signed hardback of the book here. (Ends 18th August at 5 pm)

Jarek Reen is trying to save a lost world. He discovered the primitive theocracy of Serenein by accident, and now he wants it to take its place in human-space. To do this he needs a shiftspace beacon - without it, there is no way to find the planet again. The beacons were made by the Sidhe, the race that originally gave humanity access to the stars - and dominated human-space for millennia, before a coalition of human rebels and Sidhe males brought the evil Sidhe females down. 

Most people think the Sidhe are long dead, but Jarek knows better: a renegade female Sidhe is one of his companions, and a male Sidhe gave her and her lover the special powers that made them Angels, very unusual trained assassins. Jarek's only hope is to find Aleph, the hidden system where the last Sidhe males are rumoured to live. But even if he can persuade these eccentric, introspective beings to put aside their interminable internal squabbles, he still has to persuade Serenein that joining the rest of humankind is a good thing . . . for the price of progress is likely to be high. Can he stop it turning into tragedy?

Congratulations, Jaine!! Woot! Can't wait to read :-D

Two very cool things make a post!

HOME IMPROVEMENT: UNDEAD EDITION debuts at #28 on the NYT! OMG! Huge thanks to all who bought *Does the Major Happy Dance*

My little story - Full-Scale Demolition - is in some awesome company, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be included, thanks so much to Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner.

*hands round celebratory Bubbly and Cake for all* 
And in a semi-related sort of way (hey, it's about books *g*) here's a very cool trailer for Harry Connolly's fabulous Twenty Palaces books. It's got fantastic special effects. Plus over on his blog Harry's got some great 'Behind the Scenes' posts about how the trailer was made.

Full Twenty Palaces Trailer from Harry Connolly on Vimeo.

Writing Cave news: Still buried, but digging my way through to The End of The Shifting Price of Prey. Not sure if I'm the octopus or not ... Wish me luck!

Teasing Octopi FTW!

I am in the Writing Cave trying to wrangle The End of The Shifting Price of Prey sometime very soon *begs the God of Writing*, so apologies for all the quiet round here. The squirrels are digging holes and burying cob nuts in our lawn, and I'd show you a cool picture of a fox, if I could work out how to get it off our new camera . . . so as I epic-fail at that, here's a taster of what the Writing Cave is like just now*

And a Teaser Snippet* from page 69 . . .

‘Are you saying you don’t want to have sex with me?’ I snapped out. ‘Because, spell or no, that isn’t the impression I’ve got.’

His black eyes turned opaque and unreadable. ‘Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol is performing scenes from Scars of Dracula all this week, Genevieve. I would be honoured if one night you would attend as my guest, and after the show, it would be my pleasure if you would join me for refreshments.’

*(only without the political commentary)
* Warning: unedited, so subject to change
* Why yes, I am procrastinating, how did you guess?
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