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Dead in the Family is book 10 in the Southern Vampire Series featuring Sookie Stackhouse. Not published until May, this is your chance to get your eager, readerly hands on an early copy and find out just what happens next to Sookie, Eric, Bill and all our other fav characters after the end of the brief but deadly Faery War before anyone else.

Is that y'all screaming saying 'TELL ME MORE' ??? *g* Then here's what you have to do ...

Charlaine is coming to the UK for a short tour [details here] and yours truly is going to have the honour of interviewing her on the 9th March before her London talk and signing event.** Yay! The interview will be videoed and will be posted at a later date on the Gollancz website for all to watch. Double Yay! :-)

Now where there's an interview, there needs to be questions, and who better to ask them than my fellow Charlaine/Sookie Fans :-).

So, to enter to win an ARC of Dead in the Family, leave me a comment stating what question/or questions [max 5 per person/comment] you would like me to ask Charlaine about her Southern Vampire books on your behalf, including any questions you might want to ask about her new book, Dead in the Family. ARC 1.

Okay, now here's the rules ...

1 comment which must include at least one question, up to a max of 5 questions in that one comment, and only one comment per person - please leave your name [real or cyber] and place - e.g, Sarah or Snookies from Manchester - so if your question is the winner I can tell Charlaine who the question is from :-) = 1 entry

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Contest is open to all, and open internationally. Contest closes 5 pm Sunday 7th March UK time.

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So, not only do you get a chance to win the newest fabulous Sookie book and read it before anyone else, but you also get a chance to have Charlaine answer those burning questions you've got about her Southern Vampire books. Now, what are you waiting for - go leave me your questions, and get posting!

Read chapter one of Dead in the Family

ETA: There is another chance to win an ARC here at Dear Author, plus Patty Briggs, and 3 of my first book! Yay!


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*** This one is my copy and has been read [carefully] three times [yes, it is *that* good!! *g*]

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Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I absolutely love this series!! Please count me in for this!!!!!
Hugs Cecile from Louisiana!

Reena Jacobs said...

Sookie has hopped from guy to guy. Will she ever find "the one?"

Reena Jacobs from NC
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Amanda Makepeace said...

WOW!!!! Here are my questions:

1. Do you ever dream about your characters and if so is there a memorable one?

2. Do you see an end in sight for this series? (cringing at the thought)

3. Do you think your writing has grown through the course of this series?

Amanda from Athens, GA


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Opppss forgot my question...

What is your next project?

What has been your biggest fan girl moment?

Sorry about that! =)

Anonymous said...

Do you know who Sookie is going to end up with in the last book or is it a book by book process?

Stacy Cooper (Scooper) from Elkhart, Ind.

Dark_Daisy said...

*squees excitedly* I am hopefully meeting charlaine on the 10th at her signing in nottingham, but this way might be able to ask her some questions as she'll be too busy to answer them at the signing.


1. it is said that when writing a character, especially a main character in a book they take on some personality traits that you have. What personality trait's do you and sookie share?

2. Have you ever experienced a real life psychic that could sense dead people or read minds?

3. If you could visit one of your books which would it be and why?

4. The favourite scene you have written and why?

5. what book/film/tv series bit you with the vampire bug?

Battykins xxx

LadyTechie said...

Do you change your mind about a course of events that began in a previous book and then find that you have to find a plausible way to correct it? For example, trying to bring back someone who was previously killed off and now trying to find a believable way to bring them back.

Does fan backlash have any effects on your storyline?

Cheryl W in cold Michigan

Punky N Munky said...

With which character do you relate to the most and why?

Do you regret the direction any of the scenes you have written have taken the story?

Wendy in Illinois

Kim Harrington said...

Do you know who Sookie will end up with in the end or is it still open in your mind?

Kim from Boston

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Lynsey Newton said...

Fab contest Suzanne! I dont think I can get to London for the signing although I'm going to look at the dates again...if I don't get to go though...I was wondering what Charlaine thinks of the TV series and does she watch it? It's a bit different to the books, is she ok with the differences? I'm also wondering what her next project will be?

Lynsey from Southampton

Unknown said...

I would like to know if there is something more to the true nature of Terry Bellefleur? In the books, he does not like rain, Sookie never, ever reads his mind and he never seems too taken aback when surrounded by supernatural creatures. For example, when he is tearing down Sookie's burned portion of the house and Alcide shows up.

Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms said...
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Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms said...

This is great! I love it!

1) Will Debbie Pelt's sister be coming back making trouble for Sookie in the future now that her parents are dead?

2) Will Sookie have any other special powers - like living really long, since she is part faery?

3) Will we see Quinn again? Eventhough I love the vamps, I kind of miss himü

4) Will Jason and his faery cousin meet again - and will this change Jason's loyalties?

5) What will happen between Sookie, Hunter and Hunter's father? Will Sookie try to help them?

forgot to leave this :

posted by Lexxie, Geneva, Switzerland

Stories of a Phoenix said...
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Stories of a Phoenix said...
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Stories of a Phoenix said...

What did Niall mean the last time Sookie saw him? Was he referring to Bill or Eric?? And how did Niall come to know this piece of information? :)

Also I want to inquire about the language/writing style. Has the language evolved over your years of writing, and do you let the character dictate the language, or do you control it?

Thanks! @autumnpicklejar from USA, friend of @pattepoilue :)

Sari said...

1. Will Sookie find the love of her life before she’ll turn to her thirties?
2. Does Ms Harris have a plan about this, or are the situations building up by one book to another?
3. Is the aging bothering Sookie’s mind at all (especially if she’ll have a relationship with a vampire)?
4. Will Sookie meet Quinn again?
5. Has Ms Harris a plan about how many books she will write about Sookie?

SavannahRose said...

ah! Love Charlaine!
My question would be - I know that Bubba wont appear in the show, True Blood, because you would have to get an impersonator. Is this a final decision or will we ever see Bubba? And, are you happy with this decision?

P.S. I think he should TOTALLY be in the show.

Savannah, Shreveport, Louisiana
@savvyyo friend of @nicolepeeler
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" Dallas " said...

What other Sookieverse characters will be featured in upcoming short stories?

Dallas in Dallas

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cegluna said...

Has there been anything in True Blood that when you saw it you thought "gee, wish I had thought to put that in the book"?

Is there any part of the books that Alan Ball altered on the show that you wish he had kept the same?

-Christina, NYC

stephanie cherry hill nj said...

is there a little of you in sookies charactur and how would you relate to her. and do you ever get stuck on where sookies life goes next and all the facets of her life will fit in do you think she will ever turn in a vampire?

stephanie cherry hill nj said...

will the sookie stackhouse novel's ever come to an end? PLEASE SAY NO!!how for do you plane to take it

beautifulbabyblues said...

Squeee....PLEASE pick me!

1) We all know you've been a published writer for many years. Have you ever had a moment (with any of the series) that you thought "Holy Cow, I can't believe this is happening to me?" and at what point did that occur?

2) I think it's a common belief that the vampires of Area 5 are required to put in some time at Fangtasia. If that it true, why was Bill excluded from that arrangement?

3) From reading your gracious posting of chapter 1 of DITF, we know that Amelia heads back to NOLA. Is she and/or Octavia going to continue to be a part of the story line?

4) Will DeCastro cause trouble for our heroine in the future?

5) Pam is such a beloved character. However, she appeared little in D&G. Will we hear more from Pam in DITF or will she remain on the periphery?

Pinehurst, NC

Bia said...

1 - I have read somewhere that Charlaine intented to close the fae arc with Dead and Gone, but there is a description online that states that there are still some Fae on the human side-and one of them is angry at Sookie. Are we going to see more problems with the Fae or is that just going to be a hook for Sookie to deal with her remaining fears after the war?

2 - Will Pam and Sookie ever be close friends? I know Sookie considers Pam a friend, but I just think that they could be much closer. That would mean more fun for me! Love Pam!

3 - Eric is by far my fav character, but I feel like we don´t get to read a lot, and by that I mean a lot more, about his experiences. Will this finally be the book that we learn more about what made Eric, Eric?

4 - I would love to read more about the vampire world after the take over of the Nevada King. I like the kingdoms and queendoms on the vampire world, but I was wondering why kings and queens, that seams so european, along with sheriffs, that seams so western?

5 - can we please get more Viking Eric?!?!? Please?!?!?!

ok, the last one I just HAD to ask!

Thank you and good luck with the interview!

Sumaré, SP, Brazil

Ranata said...

You said that you knew who Sookie would end up with in the end. I want it to be Eric but I don't see that being plausible. Do you anticipate Sookie being smitten with any other men before the end of the series?

I wish you'd continue the series for FOREVER but alas I know that's not possible. Have you ever thought about a spinoff of some of the characters in the Sookieverse?

Thanks and thanks for giving us such great literature!

Ranata, San Francisco

Anna said...

Have a good time with this!

Questions for Charlaine:

1. Which character that you have killed off in the books, do you miss the most?

2. Do you see anymore crossover characters into your Sookie Stackhouse world, like you had with your Shakespeare Characters Lily Bard and Jack Leeds?

3. Did you visualize such handsome men as are in the TV series, when you were writing your book?

4. I love Bubba, I hope we get lots more of him in the future. Will we? Missed him in this last one.

5.Which of your characters would you like for a real neighbor?

Anna from California

Llehn said...

Do you have any writing ritual / superstition that you must abide by?


Lesley from Singapore

Sweet Lady said...

I would like to ask Charlaine:

1. If Sookie was a real person whom she knew personally, what advice would she give her about her love life?

2. Do you think it will take a while for vampires in your world to abandon the feudal/monarchical system and become more democratic (or something else??!)?

3. Sookie has said that a relationship with a human man is out of the question (or not likely to be successful). Do you think that's true or something she's convinced herself of over the years?

4. Of all the characters in the Sookieverse, who do you admire the most (in terms of what you consider to be an exceptionally "good person")?

Sandra from Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

I love this series so much!


What books are you looking forward to reading?

Will we ever see Amelia again?

Stephanie from Indiana

HeatherJo said...

I love this series!!!!

My questions are...

1.What gave you the idea to add Bubba(Elvis) to the series?

2.How did you come up with Bon Temps, Louisiana?

Heather Jo from Texas

rhea said...

Here are my questions. Feel free to change the wording or focus to suit your purposes. And thanks for this great opportunity to get some questions in!

1. Do you ever experience writer's block? If so, how do you deal with it?

2. Do fan comments, such as the comments in your homepage forums, influence your work? If not, how do you avoid that happening involuntarily?

3. How did and do you prepare for your books? Do you do all your research beforehand, or do you do it as you go?

4. How did you prepare for writing about Sookie's psychological condition in the upcoming Death in the Family? Which sources did you consult?

5. In the beginning of DITF, Sookie is still dealing with the effects of the fairy attack, and it's affecting her relationship with Eric. Will she be able to trust again by the end of the book?

Rhea from Germany

Mardel said...

I'm horrible at thinking up questions for interviews. But I really would love to read the ARC - I love ARC's even used ARC's.

My question. Are they (the fairies and Sookie) completely SURE that Claudine is dead? Completely? Although I have to commend you for not being afraid to kill off popular/important characters in the books, I really did enjoy Claudine's character.

Is there a chance that Eric is going to go further or higher up in the vampire politics?

That's it for my questions. I usually don't have many questions, since I just read and accept whatever the author has written without analysing too much. I hated when the English teachers used to make us analyze the poems and stories we read an look for symbolism and hidden meanings. Sometimes a sentence is just a sentence.

louise said...

my question for charlene is does she feel that the television show has influenced her writing in anyway. and does she feel a different kind of pressure when writing the books now that the show has become a hit.


Kristi said...

Thanks for doing this!

Sookie has expressed many times her desire to have a 'normal' life, one with a family, cooking breakfast for a man, etc. In the last few books, we've seen Tara and JB get married and start their family,as well as Hoyt and Holly find love and get engaged. Will Sookie reflect on her life's path and how it contrasts with her peers in this upcoming book?



CC said...

My questions are:

1. Does Charlaine ever plan to write any stories from the other principle character's points of view (such as at the end of Definately Dead, Bill said he did love Sookie. I'd love to know more about his POV).

2. Does she hope that the makers of True Blood will honour her decisions when the Sookie books come to an end?

3. Will Sookie acquire anyway of defending herself (such as a new power or knowledge) that will mean she isn't reliant on protection from a vampire or supe?

4. Are any more suitors going to be thrown into the mix? I love all the ones so far!

And thanks so much for writing this series, I'm thoroughly enjoying them!

Camilla, London

Patty said...

My questions:

There is a reference to Gone with the Wind in nearly every book. Is this something that could hold a deeper meaning or hint about how things are going to wind up for Sookie?

Knowing that you were a Buffy fan made me love you all the more. Do you read the Season 8 comics? If you do, how do you feel about where the story went? or is going? If not, you should.

Patty - Chicago

Lisa from Alabama said...

My question for Ms. Harris is: What scene from the SVM series was the most emotionally difficult for you to write? For example, a scene like Gran's that you hated to have to write, but that had to be done to further the plot. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Will we be invited to a "shifter" wedding soon?

Cindy in Kansas City

sam atkin said...


My question would be: Do we see the relationship grow between sookie and hadley's son Hunter IN DEAD IN THE FAMILY?

Janine said...

Thanks for the contest! My questions are:

1. What Sookieverse character do you respect the most—and not necessarily by human standards, but as the best of his or her kind—and why?

2. Do you plan to introduce new abilities for the supernatural characters, and is it possible that even some of the characters we already know might exhibit abilities we haven’t yet seen?

3. Do you think that Sookie will come to not only fully accept her telepathy, but be thankful for it—despite the pain it has caused—because of the life it has given her?

4. I’ve read that family is the unifying theme for DITF, but are there any other themes you would like readers to take away from the book and can you share them (without giving away the plot, of course)?

5. Do you believe that Sookie will become more proactive about her life as a result of her experiences—especially those in DAG—and begin to ask pertinent questions, and is there evidence of that in DITF?

Janine from Indianapolis

Anonymous said...



Angela said...

Hello, excuse my English but I am not a native speaker .... Charlaine Harris ask ..
1) When you wrote the first three books by the fans excited about the love story between Bill and Sookie had already thought that you would tie Sookie and Eric, or you have changed the course of history because basically the character you did not like Bill much?

2) In the television series Bill showed us was a little different from what you described in the books ... if I could rewrite the earlier novels, leave everything the same or less you might like to add some characters and other behavioral changes?

Thank you for the opportunity you gave us

Angela from Matera

Angel B. said...

First of all I want to say thank you!!
Here's my questions.

1.I adore Sam and I would like to see him settle down is that in the cards for him?

2.If Sookie doesn't want to become a vampire what will happen to Eric and Bill if Sookie settels down with a human?

3. You've mentioned before of a possiable spin off when you are done with the Sookie books will this involve Sookie's nephew Hunter?

Thanks again!
Angel from Louisiana!

Chuck B. Godspeed said...

What are your thoughts on True Blood on HBO vs.The Southern Vampire Mysteries? About the changes that have been made for the TV show and the added characters?

Unknown said...

1. Will you be continuing to write more Southern Vampire stories after Dead In The Family?
2. How do you feel about how Alan Ball represents the books on the television HBO series?
3. Out of all of the books in the Southern Vampire series, which one is your personal favorite?

Cindy said...

Can you ask CH:

1) Why does she start a plot line and not finish it?

2) Why has she joined Sookie and Eric as a couple when Eric seems to be such a devious character and not caring of Sookie?

3) Why is the heroine of her books such a shallow character?

4) Why is it that so many readers disagree about what's actually happening in your books?

5) Was this your purpose with writing them from Sookie's point of view?

And not to seem too negative I love the characters CH has created, these are just some of the questions I'm always asking myself.

me said...

Has Bill finally redeemed himself?

Will he and Sookie ever be together again?

And: Have you met Stephen and Alex who play Bill and Eric and how do you feel about the way they portray your characters?

me said...

By the way, Me is Kim Workman
Huntington, WV

Unknown said...

1) How has "True Blood" changed your life as an author if so how?
2) Has "True Blood" changed your view of how your Sookie Stackhouse will progress to the end, how?
3) All good things much come to an end. If that is true do you think the 12th book in the series will be the end, why or why not?
4)I have a friend who has not read any of your books, which one do you think she should read if she reads no other and why?
5) I am a fan of your books. I have a kindle and and a lot of your books on it. Are the Kindle editions the same as the paper editions?

Thanks so much for giving everyone the opportunity to particpate and the chance to win the ARC!

Liz Lewis Fluitt

Lisa said...

1) How many books do you see in the Sookie Series?
2) Where did you get the name Sookie from?
3) Why did you kill off/get rid of the Fae so quickly in Dead & gone?
4) Will we ever see sookie's Grandfather again?
5) Do you like to read other Paranormal Fiction by other authors?
Thank you!
Lisa from Montreal

Unknown said...

1) When you originally wrote 'Dead Until Dark' did you know it would turn into a long series, and if so did you plan out the storyline and character development before 'DUD' was published?

2) Do you see Sookie settling down with one guy (hopefully Eric :D) in the future and living 'happily ever after'?

3) What do you think of Alan Ball's interpretation of the books, is there anything you wish he had not omitted or wish you had originally included?

4) Have your fans and the craze surrounding both the books and True Blood affected future storylines and the way you write?

5) How did you originally create Sookieverse and all the characters in the books, what gave you inspiration?

Thank you Suzanne for this amazing opportunity and good luck with your interview!! :D

Luci Watson
London, UK

tarfrimmer said...

1. Sookie fans can be rather passionate about the books, as I'm sure you've noticed on your boards. :) What storyline, plot twist or character you wrote in your Sookieverse elicited a response that surprised you the most?

2. There are times when readers will come away from the Sookie books with completely different impressions of character motivation or plot. Have you yourself ever had an experience where you believed one thing about a story you read and then found out the author's intent was quite different?

3. Do you find it frustrating (or terribly amusing) when your readers staple on their Conspiracy Theorist hats and create elaborate plots that were clearly never intended to be part of the story? (e.g. Eric faking his amnesia in Dead to the World, in order to seduce Sookie)

4. The blood bond between Sookie and Eric has been one of the most controversial topics of reader discussion, with interpretations ranging from the bond being simply a conduit for each party's feelings to Eric drugging Sookie with his blood and using the bond to mind-control her like a puppet. Knowing such diverse opinions exist at this time, do you feel confident that future books will help to lessen the divide in readers' understanding of the bond?

Thank you!

Joanne from California

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm completely hooked on this series! Thanks for all the fun so far!

Do you ever read any of the fanfic? Some of the authors have some excellent ideas!

Karen from Florida

Unknown said...

Good luck with your interview - so exciting!

Here are my questions:

You've been quoted as saying you enjoy writing "damaged characters." We know Sookie has had tragic things happen to her, but do you see as her as being irreparably "damaged"? And if so, does that damage impact her actions as you write them in the series?

A related question, if many of the characters in the series are "damaged," does that preclude us from getting our "happily ever after"? Does a fairy tale ending not fit into reality as you see it in the Sookieverse?

You've said before that you liken the vampire community to the real-world homosexual community. Based on your writings in the Sookieverse, it would seem that you are a proponent of gay rights - is that true? What are your thoughts on gay marriage?

Are Sookie's actions subconsciously colored by her past sexual trauma?

From one aspiring writer, what comes more naturally for you to write, action scenes, dialogue, or internal monologue? How do you strengthen yourself in areas that don't come as naturally?


Kristen from Charlottesville, VA

Conor McGinn said...

Here are my questions for Charlaine:

1. What gave you the idea for the Sookie Stackhouse novels?

2. In a previous interview you stated that you had already decided who Sookie would end up with. At what point in writing the series did you figure out who it would be?

3. How do you feel about the way Alan Ball has treated your series and the different story lines he has put into the true blood series?

4. While writing the series, how many different endings have you come up with before figuring out how it would play out?

5. What do you think it would be like live in a world like the one you have created in your books with vampires, werewolves, and shifters? How would you react if there really was a Great Revelation?

Thanks, I love the books and the show!

Conor McGinn from Staten Island, NY.

Sharli said...

My questions:

1. Have you ever been in conflict with your character's actions? I mean, that you want them to react one way but you know that's not really what they would do?

2.Are you a fan of your own characters? And by that I mean giggly fan girl type of fan :)

3. Which True Blood actor looks the most to the character in your head?

4. Which character do you enjoy writing about the most?

Thank you!
Sharli from Costa Rica
entrelibros_blog at hotmail dot com
* joins your squeeing* So cool! It must be so exciting ;) Can't wait to see it!!

Violet said...

Bill is my favorite character in your series, is he based on someone you know?

How did you come up with the journey he has taken?

Has Bill has redeemed himself to Sookie after Dead and Gone?

Thanks, Violet

Unknown said...

As a Bill fan, I would like to know- why is seems like Eric is easily forgiven for his bad behavior (making her drink his blood, forcing the bond, etc.) whilst Bill is chastised for his every wrong move? Sorry I guess I'm a bit biased!

Michelle from Columbus, OH

Mieu-Linh said...

My questions:

1. Will Eric finally admit that he loves Sookie in your new book "Dead in the Family"?

2. I am curious as to the depth of Bill and Eric's love for Sookie... Have you ever considered writing from their points of view (i.e. even if they're in the form of short stories)?


Mieu-Linh from Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Anonymous said...

My question:

What drew you to write about vampires, specifically? How has this impacted the character development in the series?

Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards said...

Whoops - that's Sarah Richards from Canada

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful idea! I for one would love to get my hands on this book early.

My question is this:
Did you take characteristics for people in your life and incorporate them into characters?

If so, which character and what personality traits?

Unknown said...

Hi, my questions:

1. Sookie is very independent, thanks to her Gran. Will she have a greater influence in Hunter's life not only because of the telepathy, but from what she has learned from her? Who is the "Gran" in your life that has made you into who you are today?

2. Will any ghosts be coming to the party?

3. Will Sookie find all the answers to what she's looking for up in that attic of hers?! What's up there??

4. Will Amelia have her own spinoff? Lots of magic and fun going down that path.

5. Will we learn more about the psychic that Eric encountered before meeting Sookie?

Jessica said...

1. Has the TV series changed your view towards any of your characters, if so how?

2.Will we ever discover the reason Eric was running towards Sookie's the night he lost his memories?

3. Which one of your characters do you relate to the most, and why?

4. Will we see Sookie question her feelings towards Eric, especially in regards to the blood bond, and could that cause trouble for their relationship in the long run?

5. Eric is one of my favorite characters, can we expect you to expand more on his character, and is he truly capable of love?

Jessica from Southern California.

rebekah said...

Hi I just love these books and have read them all so many times. cant wait for this one!!!
Here are my questions:

1. How did you come up with the characters?
2. Were they fully formed in your head when you first thought of them?
3. How long did it take you to write the first book and how difficult was it for you?
4. If you could be any character in the book who would you be and why?
5. The chemistry between Sam and Sookie is very present in their relationship. Will we ever see it develop in to something more?

Rebekah in Ireland

Anonymous said...

In the books, Sookie is fiercely independent, sometimes to the point of foolishness - do you admire this trait in Sookie or think of it as her "fatal flaw"?

If Sookie were to ask Eric what era in his 1000 years of "life" he most enjoyed, what would he say?

Are there such things as psychologists for supes? Will Sookie see on in DITF?

If Sookie could cook one meal that her vampire nearest and dearest could actually eat, what would it be (i.e. what human food would she most like them to be able to taste?)?

How do you reconcile writing about the supernatural with your Christian faith? Do you ever come under fire from evangelicals for your books?

Renee in Virginia

Chrisse said...

Your supe world is so intricate and has a vast cast of characters that I love - have you considered a "spin-off" series, i.e via the Weres, Shifters, Fae, Dr. Ludwig, or another vampire state?

~Chrisse in Salem, MA!

JRB said...

1. If you could go back and change anything in your books, what would it be and why?

2. Do you have any Sookie short stories in the works (besides the upcoming novella and Two Blondes)?

3. One of my favorite moments was seeing Sam turn into a lion in From Dead to Worse, will we get a chance to see him change into any other animals?

4. Will we learn about the 'severe consequences' that Quinn faces in DITF or in another book?

5. Is Barry still working with the Texas vamps and will we see him again?

JRB said...

I forgot to add my location!! JRB in So. California

Anonymous said...

Sookie never really knows who she loves...does she love eric or bill? or is she capable of love? since in most of the books she just "gets together" with whoever rescues her from a disaster...
-kristina from CA

Mariam tarek said...

my questions for MS Harris :
(1) how did you come up with a character like Eric,bill or even Charles the pirate ? what was the 1st idea that crossed your mind that made them who they are today

(2)do you think the cast of true blood fits your characters the way you imagined them or you wish some of them were the same as you described them in the books?

(3) as you write through the books, do you have an end in your mind you try to get to (like who sookie would end up with )or you're leaving the choice up to sookie at that time ?

thanks alot =)
Mariam tarek , Alexandria ,Egypt

debi said...

I feel bad that Sookie gets short changed on the dating, flowers, and romance since vampires sometimes "suck" at dating: are they so old that they don't know what modern women want, or at a loss without glamour? Will Sookie get the romance she reads about in her books?
Love the books, Debi in South Carolina

jade_d said...

1. What would you ask yourself if you were just a fan of the "Southern Vampire" series and of your writings in general?

2. What question(s), if any, are you sick of?

3. You're such a prolific writer. Is there a character or storyline that stands out the most for you?

4. How do you keep your writing organized? i.e. your series and their respective characters separate; and a sense of continuity in each of the series.

5. Any regrets in the "Southern Vampire" series?

Thanks for the contest and for sharing this opportunity with us fans! Good luck with the interview. I'm sure you'll do a great job.

-- Dorothy, Boston, Mass., U.S.

LSUReader said...

1) I've read your other three series of books (and still miss Aurora Teagarden) and am wondering if the Southern Vampire series is your favorite to write?

2) Now that the Harper Connelly series has successfully concluded, tell us about what new pursuits will occupy your non-Sookie time.

3) What are some of the challenges you faced as an author changing genres, from cozy mystery to paranormal?

4) On your website, you promote several great charities. Do you view the ability to positively influence readers this way as a benefit or as a responsibility of your fame?

5) You're a Southerner who has spent time--and set books--in different Southern locales. What made you choose Louisiana--specifically, small town, not New Orleans--for the Southern Vampire series?

Thanks from LSUReader in Texas.

MelTikalsky said...

Question for Ms. Harris.

As we kno Niall is the most powerful fae of all now with most of his enemies destroyed. My question is how powerful is he? Is he powerful enough to change a vampire back to human?

Maria said...

1. Why has Sookie not learned how to better defend herself? She's been beaten up,staked,shot, and tortured...but hasn't asked Eric or anyone to train her to be able to fight back.

2. In True Blood, Sookie seems to be developing extra powers as seen with her glowing hands... do you plan on giving Sookie any extra abilities/powers?

3. Why did you decide not to have Sookie turn into a vampire?

4. We know her fae blood will not increase Sookie's lifespan but what about all the vampire blood she's had from Eric? She says she never looked or felt better. Can ingesting vampire blood regularly keep a person looking youngeror living longer?

5. Sookie continually questions Eric's feelings for her, but shouldn't she be able to know that from their blood bond since they know what the other is feeling through it?

Chicago, IL

Megan O. said...

*squeeee!! deep breaths...*
Thanks so much for this opportunity! My questions are:
1. We know that the were's coming out was not recieved as well as they had hoped (i.e. Sam's mom getting shot). Can we expect to see any backlash from thier coming out?
2.Is it likely that the vampires will ever get the full rights of humans, like marriage, in all of the states?
3. We've already seen Felipe deCastro try to use Sookie's talents which caused the "marriage" to Eric. Will he continue to try and use Sookie?
4. Is Quinn's family one of the families that we may be seeing in DITF?
5. You are a very busy lady. Do you find it difficult to balance your writing and engagements with family time?

Once again, thanks so much!!
Megan O.- Ft. Worth, TX

blah blah said...

will Quinn be killed off?

For each Stackhouse novel did it require a lot/any research?

Is there more to Sam than meets the eye?

will any new sups be introduced or will the Berlins returns?

does your personal emotions during certain moments (angry, depressed, sad, pain) effect/influence your writing or ideas in anyway?

Tinkler Bell, New Jersey

engruna said...

Hey! thanks Suzanne!

here are my questions:

- Is any of your characters based in someone you know?

- Have any of the scenes in the books actually happened to you in real life? (not counting the vampire/weres/fae encounters, of course!)

- How long has it been since you knew how the series are going to end?


Laura from Barcelona, Spain.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I would love this win! I have to whole set of books already!

I was wondering if you knew already who Sookie was going to be with in the end, or it would be something that came to you as you were writing.

Carol said...

1) Just as TruBlood (the beverage) has been a double-edged sword for the vampires in your series (bringing both positive and negative consequences), True Blood (the show) must be a double-edged sword for you. What's been your favorite part of the screen-adaptation process? Your least favorite?

2) In the series, Sam seems to be the suitor most able to give Sookie what she claims to want, which is as close to a normal life as possible (Quinn and Alcide, while weres, are both up to their eyeballs in supe-politics). Yet despite finding him attractive and his obvious caring for her, Sookie never seems to consider him as a viable option. Why is that?

3) Has the popularity of the television show and new readership changed your writing process? Do you feel more pressure now, or will the series continue as you originally planned, regardless of the choices Alan Ball makes for the show?

4) There is an on-going debate online regarding some of the technicalities of your world, such as the limitations/definitions of the blood bond. Do you have plans to have Sookie figure out exactly what it means for her (and thus let the audience know as well)?

5) Sookie made Eric promise to never turn her, even if she were about to die, but she did not explain why she feels that way, and Eric didn't seem to take offense at her request. Why does she feel so strongly about remaining human?

Thank you!

Carol (Louisiana)

missbrunettgirl said...
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missbrunettgirl said...

1.) Will we find out where Sookie and Hunter got their telepathaic abalitys from?
2.) Sam has hinted at what he feels for Sookie and even kissed her a few times, but will he ever really tell Sookie exactly how he feels about her?
3.) Will we find out if Eric really does love Sookie or is just confused by the bond?
Emily from Spartanburg, SC

Lene said...

1. Could Eric be the next King of Lousiana and Arkansaw?

2. Could Pam be the next Queen of Nevada?

3. What part are the FOTS going to play in the remaining books of the series?

4. Is Sookie able, yet again, to read vampire thoughts as a result of her extensive intake of vampire blood in Dead and Gone?

5. Might this ability become known to Eric within the not so distant future?

Lene from Copenhagen, Denmark

Jenine said...

1. Has the tv show True Blood influenced your writing of the Southern Vampire series?

2. What goes into your writing process? Do you sit down and write the whole story in one go or do you write a little bit at a time?

3. Where is your favorite place to write?

I LOVE the books!!! Thanks!

~Jenine from Tucson, Arizona

TLH said...

My question:

You have numerous other books and series (ie the grave mystery books). How fast do you write? Does the popularity of the Sookie books limit you in writing the other series and is that frustrating?


Stephanie said...

I'm so happy I get a chance for an ARC. My friend Meaghan and I were just talking about it the other day and I asked her how we can get our hands on one. She's an avid blogger & twitterer and she is always getting ARCS and reviewing them. I love that she passes them along to me and maybe now I will get a chance to pass this one along to her.
My questions;

1. Will we ever find out why Eric was running to Sookies that night?

2. How did you react when you were approached about them doing a show about the Sookie Novels?

3. Will Sookie ever find true love?

4. I hope you don't but will you ever stop writing the Sookie Novels?

5. Has the show influenced you in how you approach writing the books now that both are so popular?

Stephanie, Manchester, NH

Amy said...
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hdgcat said...

1. Sookie has stated adamently from the beginning, she has no desire to become a vampire, but has never stated specifically why. Will we ever get to read this?

2. Sam is the only shifter/nonwitch we've seen who is capable of detecting/then shutting Sookie out of his mind. Does Sam have some ability you havn't shown us yet and is this ability relevant?

3. Several vampires have told Sookie their "turning" stories,but not Bill. Do you already know how Bill was Turned? And will he ever tell Sookie?

4. One of the most unique elements of your vampire series is the Christian faith of your heroine. Will Sookie continue to commit to her faith after DAG,(church going,prayer) and is Eric even aware of it?

5. By far the most explosive topic to address in the fandom is Bill's trunk rape/draining of Sook in book3.How do you address readers who feel Bill should have been punished for what he did? And how would you address readers(like me) who absolve Bill of responsibility,but feel Sookie's reaction afterward didn't make sense, since she didn't seem traumatized at all and jumped into bed with Eric 2 weeks later?

Thanks so much for taking questions! I'm enjoying the series immensely.

Catherine from Maryland,USA

Andreea said...

Questions for Charlaine:
1. I would like to know if we will ever see Voodoo in the Sookieverse. We`ve seen magic, sure, but New Orleans is famous for Voodoo, amongst other things... Even though I suppose it`s kind of a clichee for you.
2. I am curious to know if Sookie will ever have a baby, either adopted (I have my eyes on Hunter) or one of her own.
3. What made you want to write? Was it a rational decision or rather closer to what I imagine a compulsion feels? Did you just HAVE to write the stories in your mind?
4. Why and how did you chose the South for the Sookie novels? Was it just “closer to home” or does it have something special?
5. Would you like to share something with us, the fans, that we haven`t thought to ask you yet?

Andreea from Bucharest, Romania

Natalie said...


I would love to know where Charlaine originally got her inspiration from to the series as a whole?

I'm sorry if someone has already asked the question, but I'm trying to avoid any spoilers in the comments since I'm not done reading the previous books...

Have a nice weekend,

waleskap said...

Thanks for this great opportunity! Here are my questions (and feel free to correct my english if there is any mistake LOL):

1- Because of her thoughts, mistrust, and the derogatory adjectives and words she is always using when she is talking about them (also about Eric and Pam), I always have been under the impression that Sookie is prejudiced against the vampires, even before she met Bill. Without discussing if she is right or wrong about it, and if my impression is true, what is the inner motivation behind Sookie's attachment to the vampires?

2- I always thought that Niall's human business (reasearch, etc.) would have some importance at some point in the story. Now that the portal is closed, what will happen to Niall's business? Will Sookie inherit some responsability in them or part of his fortune?

3- Claudine was working hard to reach the status of "angel". Now that she's dead, will we see Claudine again in the story as the angel she always wanted to be?

4- Alcide is the only man in the life of Sookie with whom she has never had sex despite the strong attraction they feel for each other. However, he is the only man with whom she dreamed and kept the secret hope of marrying and having children. Do you have any future intention for this to happened that way in the story? Is there some further reason in the story why they have never been able before to relate more deeply at an intimate and emotional level, or the relationship between them will be only platonic?

5- In your blog, you wrote once: "My protagonists all have something about them to admire, or at least I think so" and while describing your characters, you said: "Sookie Stackhouse is hard-working, optimistic, and determinedly cheerful". Also, after quoting a collegue from the Femme Fatales website about the characters we admire, you finished your post with: "We use them up as examples of what is good; we may even wonder what they would have done with faced with our own problems. Fictional characters are by definition limited to the pages of the book in which they figure, but we extend their lives by holding them in our hearts. That’s all a writer can ask for". I am very dissapointed with the female portrayals of Alan Ball in True Blood. Just as an example, Sophie Anne, one of your most empowered female characters has been reduced to be a totally inmature, crazy and vain mixing between Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton in True Blood. And If we compare the "moment" where the show is right now with its parallel in your books, Sookie is annoying and depressing. She is always grumpy and is a "damsel in distress" completely dependant of Bill (even to make her remember that she has the gift of telepathy and when she should use it). Now, she also will has new supernatural powers to depend on (glowing hands), while in the books she is very independent, and grew confident and strong and got her empowerment as a woman because most of the times she had to rely on herself, on her own intelligence, to get out of troubles. With your idea about your protagonists and as a female, how do you feel about Alan Ball's portrayal of Sookie in True Blood?

Thanks again and good luck to all!

Waleska from Puerto Rico, USA

Carmen said...

Here's the questions!

1. You've been writing Sookie for over ten years now, so I'm wondering, has the series lived up to your original conception of what you imagineded it to be, or has your ideas and first impressions of it changed along the way?

2. Which character in the Sookie series is most like you and which is least like you?

3. The success of the Sookie books has enabled you to do booktours all over the world. Where was the best place you ever went to on a booktour? Where would you like to go next?

4. Vampires have become a media craze in the past year and a half. What's it like being in the midst of it?

5. To follow up on that, do you feel like the vampire craze is more of a media fixation than a craze on vampires itself?

Thanks for the opportunity!

Carmen from Canada.

carol said...

1) Despite the fact that Sam doesn't want to be involved in Supe politics, he seems to know everything that happens (even Dr. Ludwig commented on this in DAG). When will we find out Sam's role in the Supe world?

2) Many fans that watch True Blood prior to reading the books seem to view the characters different than fans that read the books first. How do you handle this different perception of your characters?


Brandi S. said...

My questions for Charlaine Harris:

1) What role will shifter politics play in the remaining books in the series now that they have come out publicly like the vampires have?

2) How will the shifter community’s coming out affect Sam’s role in the books?

3) Will we get to see characters like Alcide, Quinn, and my personal favorite, Bubba, showing up again in the upcoming books in the series, and if so, how important will their roles be?

4) I know that the relationship/mentoring between Sookie and Hunter has yet to be explored but was hinted at in the last book, and before Niall disappeared, he also mentioned that Sookie (and by extension Hunter) would be in danger if his enemies got to them. To what extent do you plan to explore the dynamics between Sookie and little Hunter, and how much of this will include the danger they are potentially in from Niall’s enemies?

5) Now that the Tara of the books has settled down with the very much non-supernatural JB, how will this affect her friendship with Sookie, which has so much in the past been linked to their common experience of dating supernatural men?

Thank you!

Brandi Skipalis
Hadfield, UK

Unknown said...

Amazing idea and a great opportunity for the fans! I’m from Portugal and Charlaine will be here next week but, unfortunately, the city where she’ll be doing interviews and interacting with the fans is too far away from my hometown =/ This is truly my chance to see my questions answered (*fingers crossed*)

So thanks for this =D Here are my 5 questions:

1- What was your exact point for the Fairy War? The wrap-up was rather quick and it seemed almost pointless, except the casualties (RIP Claudine =/) and Sookie’s emotional and physical state, since everything ended up like Breandan wanted. It seemed to me, while reading DAG, that, at some point, you’ve changed your mind about the course of the events. Why Niall suddenly decided to close the portal, which was the main reason for starting a war, after everything Sookie suffered and when there was fairies missing? It was like everything was in vain… Please tell me that my feeling about this was/is totally wrong and that the war would represent a major factor in the upcoming books!

2- Will Quin appear again? Did you wanted to make his life story and the consequences of his choices like this, since the first time he came out in your imagination, or it was something that was gradually built up?

3- Do you have intentions to make a short-story told by the perspective of a vampire? Pam would be awesome I’m sure, she’s so witty, funny and passionate about being a vampire; and Eric, in this moment of his and Sookie’s life, would be a pleasure to read about. Bill is a little boring but I would love to know how everything led to the “Sookie’s mission” from Sophie-Ann and his thoughts and motivations for the time he was, unashamedly, lying to everyone…

4- Sookie can’t read vampire’s minds. Period. She makes this point a lot in almost every book. But… she had a glimpse of Eric’s mind, a couple of times, on two separate occasions. Why? Why did you make Eric the exception, the first one? She knew Bill before but you make Eric the first. Could this be foreshadowing for something more?

5- Finally, does the fans response to the books, especially in your boards and forums, influence the way you conduct the story? Do you read and participate in discussions about the world you created? How do you feel about that fans that are particularly enthusiastic and create some amazing but unrealistic theories about the characters and the course of the story?

Thank you =D

Vanessa Santos,
Porto, Portugal

Unknown said...

1. In your books, Sookie is strong, independent and stands up for herself, whereas in the TV show she always seems to rely on the men in her life to get her out of trouble. Does this bother you? How much of a say do you get writing of TV series?

2. How long does it usually take and how much research do you normally do when creating the characteristics and appearances of one of the vampires? Do you do a lot of research into fashion throughout the ages, so that you can make them act and look accordingly? (For example Bill's sideburns.)

3. All of the shifters in your books seem to change into predators or scavengers – carnivores. Never herbivores or prey animals. What is the reason for this? Is it shifter folklore? Is it shifter lore in the Sookieverse? Or is it just a coincidence?

Emma Mostert, South Africa

Monica said...

1. If sookie wasnt as "curvy" and "full figured", wuld she get as much attention from all the supernatural guys as she does?? or is it the fae blood in her.

2. Are you dissapointed that the actors for Erin and Bill in True blood aren't as hot as they come across in the books?

3. If Jason had cheated on Crystal and then Sookie would have been the one who got her hand broken by Calvin, what would Eric or Bill have done to Jason OR Calvin?

4. What did you think of the whole side story in Ture Blood of Eric torturing the people who sold V such as Lafayette?

5. What would eric have done if Quinn and Sookie had gotten married?

Has said...

Thank you for the chance of winning an ARC!!! :D - here are my questions

Has any of your characters surprise you in any way you originally thought and if so did it change the direction of the book/series?

Do you have plans to write in another genre/or new universe other than the ones you have written so far?

Do you know how the Sookie Stackhouse series will end, or is it up in the air?

Hasna, London

dawn said...

I absolutely love your books.

I was wondering how did you come up with the Southern Vampire Series?

Thank you,
Dawn, Dudley

MiMi said...

1.)The romance between Kevin and Kenya seems like a taboo subject in the town of Bon-Ton. Have you ever entertained the idea of growing their relationship into something more.

2.)Vampires have a amazing sense of smell. Could it be argued that Bill should have been able to smell members of his bloodline even after years of it mingling with other gene pools?

3.)With Hunter being a telepath, would sookie ever divulge this information to her new love Eric?

4.)It's said in the novel and on the show that Sam, being a shifter can change into any animal he wants. Does that include extinct animals as well?

5.)With folklore and mythology all over the world seeming to, at some points link up and share a common ground, do you believe any of it to be true?

Misha Davis, Austin, Texas

Unknown said...

From Paris, France
1)Are you happy about how Allan Ball is redifining the storyline, your characters and their relationships in True Blood?

2)Do you have a storyline already prepared that you develop in each books or do you write them one by one without having a directive line?

3) Vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, fairies... do you intend to bring more supernatural creatures and what would they be?

4)You write several series of books completely different from one another like the Aurora Teagarden's mysteries. Do you write them at the same time and if you do how do you prevent from mixing the characters and the storylines?

5)You did research on witches and wiccans do you do that for every creatures in your books or did you just do that because wiccans are a real community in the real world?

Jennifer S. said...

LOVE this series! Been having withdrawls.
Do you approve of HBO True Blood's storyline and do you have any say in it anyway?
Thanks, Jennifer - Chicago, IL

Anonymous said...

As everyone has said already before this but love the series, please keep up the good work.

My questions:

Did you have a plan for the whole series prior to finishing or have you been sort of finding your way through the story-line as you've been writing the series?

With the "re-birth" of the vampire subject matter in books and movies do you find it upsetting that people always want to compare your characters to characters from other series (Twilight, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, etc.)?

Obviously Nathan Barr's score didn't exist when you began writing but now that he released the score on CD do you find his pieces accurate to the mood's of the first two season's so far?

I have a lot more but some have been asked (at least partially above). Look forward to the continuation of your work! Thanks.

Tiffyrose said...

I'm a huge fan! #1 I read somewhere that you didn't intend for Eric to have such a major role in Sookie's life. At what point did his character become so important to you as an author? #2 It seems that Alcide is growning as a man (and as a character), does he have a chance to become closer to Sookie? #3 What made you decide to change Sookie's relationship with Quinn? #4 Looking back on the whole story, which character would you rewrite or change-whose story has veered off the intended course?

Thank you so much, Ms. Harris! I discovered your books while I was on maternity with my new son. Your books got me through a bout with post partem depression and beyond!

Tiffany, Strasburg OH

Lee W. said...

Question: As it seems like the with each book we grow closer to the unthinkable "end", do you find it hard to end the Sookie saga? Or is something you just know and it's gotta be that way?

I know some of us would like to follow sookie through her life, until she's old and gray (and the vampires are looking as hot as ever) but i think that might be one of those "too good to be true" things. Can't Wait
Lee @

Jessie Patterson said...

First of all, I'd like to thank Charlaine Harris for bringing Sookie to the world. Until I was introduced to the Sookie books, I hadn't enjoyed reading and hadn't read much at all since I was 11. Those books got me reading again and since November I've read over 40 books.

Here's my questions:

1. What type of creature is your favorite to write for and why?

2. Obviously you have inspired Alan Ball and he has taken that inspiration and added changes and new ideas to your characters and plots on True Blood. Have any of his changes and ideas influenced your writing in regards to how the characters' lives will turn out in future books?

3. Are there going to be any more short stories from the Sookieverse in other anthologies in the near future?

4. How do you feel about the powerful love affair between Sookie and True Blood's Bill? In the books, Bill seems like such an asshole most of the time, but Stephen Moyer and his portrayal of Bill has shown the character in a different light. Has that changed your overall outlook at all?

Thanks again for Sookie and the rest of the characters in your Sookieverse. I love them all...even the ones I hate! :-)

Jessie Patterson (of Team Bill LOL)
Huntsville, Alabama

Michala said...

1. Some people believe that every story has some form of truth in it; do you think that vampires really do exist?

2. You know when the SVM is going to end, how do you feel when you think about that last book?

3. Do you have or have you had an angry fan voice his/her opinions to you?

4. Do you feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders when you finish one more book in the series?

5. When I read one of the books, I shut out everything in my life and just read. My kids eat PB&J's and cereal and we stay inside until the book is done. What are some of the different things you do when you read?

Michala Bernal
Omaha, NE

Unknown said...

hi, big fan. I'm 17 and i like to write but not sure if it will get me anywhere yet, i always get the beginnings of stories in my head but i cant end them, so...
1. Were you always able to write? did you have to work at it or was sookie just like a brainwave?

2. do you have to work to invent the characters or have they just always been there in your head biding their time?

3. Are you happy with the course that writing the sookie novels have taken? As in have there ever been moments where you felt like it controlled you and took over your life or was too much.

4. If you could take credit for any authors work or a particular book what would it be?

5. if you could give one character in the book one thing that you know will never happen but you want it to for them, what would it be?

Millie Eggers, New Zealand

Camila Figueira said...

hi im Camila Figueira From Argentina and i love charlaine harris's books! they're awesome and i can´t wait to read the last! i hope to get lucky!!
my questions are:

1) what event led you to write the book, a dream or just your imagination?

2)why is there so much lust in the books?

3)hypothetically, would you like your book to be a future reality, the revelation of vampires, werewolves and other?

4)you like the Bill and Sookie representation and other actors in the series true blood?

VampiresWeLove said...

Charlaine, Thanks for such passionate characters!!

1) As far as your writing process goes-when you sit down to write a new series, do you have a start point & end point and then flesh out the story as you go along, adding characters & circumstances or do you just have a couple of character types in mind and wing it as you go depending on your mindset on any given day?

2) Which is easier to write-a series that goes largely unnoticed as far as media attention-or something like SVM with such passionate fans & varied interpretations? ie; does all the exposure/analysis actually help as far as giving you new ideas for character development/plot expansion?

3) If you ever do a "spin-off" series of SVM, would you feel pressured to appease the fans or continue that story with the character as you originally envisioned them?

4) Do you have a specific routine/environment for writing SVM? As in, specific music/location/time of day..or can you write in the bathroom or car? lol.

5) Without giving away any plot points, will we see anymore jaw-dropping plot arcs-potentially somebody being something we completely were not expecting? ie; Sam is really Prez of the shifters only we know nothing of their heirarchy yet? haha..okay-crazy I know ;-)

Thanks for the opportunity! Stay true to yourself-can't please us all!!

Christina, California

Heather said...

I love the books.

#1) Did you base any of the characters on people you know in real life?

#2)I read somewhere that you read to relax. What do YOU like to read? Do you have a favorite book?

#3) What kind of "supe", if any would you want to be if you could?

Thank you!

Heather, DFS, Florida

Danny said...

Thanks for holding this contest!!!

+1 entry for blogging about the contest
+1 for tweeting

(both Links send via email)

My questions:

1.) When you started writing the first book, did you know that Eric will play such a huge role in Sookies life?

2.) Don't you feel a bit bad for Bill, who is lately so ignored by Sookie?

3.) Will we get a happy ending? ;)

4.) In True Blood the Tv-Show , who matches your vision of your characters the best?

5.) Can the True Blood producers include changes from your book just as they wish, or are you able to say "Oh please not like this.." ?

6.) Do we get to know who (Bill or Eric) Niall meant with his last sentence to Sookie? Or will this be always a secret ?

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know...

1)Which scene of the books would you really like to see in the series?

2)Which character of the books do you miss most in the series?

3)Some characters from the books have been changed in appearance, age, etc. With whose change are you most discontented?

4)Do fans tell you which actors they would have favoured in the leading roles?

Martina from Hamburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask:

1. Can we have more info on Eric's back story? I'd love to read a series of books about HIS past!! He's bound to have been a very bad boy.

2. Is it odd watching what Alan Ball has done with the characters that Charlaine has created? Some of them are dramataically different i.e. Tara.

3. Are there any characters that you wish you'd never killed off?

Thanks so much.

Net from Milton Keynes, UK

Jamie from Bardstown KY said...

I love the Sookie Stackhouse series, Harper Connelly, and Lily Bard....
I would like to know how you feel about the "liberties" taken with your plots in the True Blood series on HBO.

QueenNola said...

1. Will there be any other supernatural creatures being introduced to the future books?

2. Will there be any new love interests for Sookie or will she be devoted to Eric

3. What will happen to Jason's love life now?

4. Do you have a favourite author?

5. Where do you get your inspiration for your characters (e.g base folklore on supes?) and storylines?

Nola Falk,
Waikerie, South Australia, Australia

Unknown said...

What a great competition, Ive had my ticket for the London event bought and paid for for weeks! I would like to ask:

1) Your characters tends to travel a lot. Is there one favourite place for you - or a place where you go for 'good times'

Thank you

Lynsey in London! xxx

Siobhan K said...

I only found out about Charlaines books through watching the tv shows so the relationship that the two entities (SookieStackhouse books vs. TrueBlood tv show) have really interests me. And the fact that they are making the tv series while the book series is still being written is awesome/odd! I really can't think of any other tv show/book series like this at the moment.

Anyway my questions are:

1. I know you like and approve of the TrueBlood series but does seeing who Alan Ball (and team) have cast make you want to change their futures in your books?

2. Have any decisions about what to write in the upcoming books been influenced by the tv series?

3. I watched the tv series before finding out about the books they are based on, do you feel that is an annoyance or are you happy about any sort of way people find your books?

4. I'm the type of person who loves details and I have to admit I found quite a few typos and slip-ups in the novels, can I please be your proof reader???

5. I find the different ways authors choose to write very interesting. How do you "write" your novels? Good old pen and paper, typewriter, dictated to someone else, typed on a computer?

Looking forward to the video on your website when it's put up!!

Siobhan K from Edinburgh, Scotland :)

Louise said...

Hi there! Great competition! Good luck everyone!

1) Eric has had a long and lengthy past. Is there a certain period in time that you would like to flashback to(apart from his Viking years)and investigate further?

2) Why do think so many women relate to Sookie?,and do you think that as the books are favored at a non teen audience,you can push the boundaries a bit further?

3)As you write,do you plan for the story to go as certain way,or do your feelings make you change the idea completely whilst writing?

4)Will we discover how Bill became asked by the Queen Of Louisiana to go in search of Sookie?

5)Is there a particular scene that you have drawn from personal experience,and what elements of Sookies personality are ingarined in your own?

Thanks so much. See you on March 9. I will there!

Anonymous said...

I love the series - here are my questions:

1. To Charlaine: I'm a huge fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books. In fact I'm not through reading what has been published so far. I'm currently not quite 1/2 way through Definitely Dead. I read every night for about the last 10 or 15 minutes after climbing into bed before I fall asleep. What time of day is best to read your books?
2. To Charlaine: Is Sookie's personality modeled after you or someone you'd like to be? She's spunky!
3. To Charlaine: I am not a romance reader, but dang! The romantic encounters that you write about in this series can be pretty steamy (just enough description to keep your imagination lingering)! How do you come up with those hot situations, personal experience perhaps?
4. To Charlaine: I'm a pretty young fan I guess you could say (I've only read your Sookie Stackhouse series up where I'm currently 1/2 way through Definitely Dead). I love your books and look forward to reading more. Having said that, I am a HUGE Stephen King fan (constant reader). In his books, some of his characters from one book series have shown up in his other books (i.e. The Dark Tower Series, Salems Lot, etc.). Have you ever done that or thought about doing that?
5. To Charlaine: Do you like the works of Stephen King? You and Stephen King should come to Muskegon some time and I'll take you to Michigan's Adventure (our Amusement Park). We can ride the roller coasters together - that's sure to scare you and possibly give you something to write about!

Thanks for the opportunity to get something for free! If you know anything about Michigan, you know times are tough, lol :)

-Annette Messenger in Muskegon, Michigan (and proud of it!)

Susan said...

Great contest!
Does Charlaine now feel responsible to the actors on the television show when she writes a character out of the books?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot!
Annette Messenger in Muskegon's contact info:
bobsnettiepoo (at) yahoo (dot) com

thankuverymuch :)

Carlen said...

I'm a HUGE fan! Found this amazing series shortly after book 8 and read them all in less than a week.
My question is about Quinn. With the books becoming HBO's "True Blood", are there any hopes for Vin Diesel to play the character (since he is the ONLY one I can envision playing Quinn)?
Thank you!
Carlen-Laramie, WY

Unknown said...

Since True Blood started casting and filming, how much do you think it has affected your impression of your characters? Has it changed the direction you wanted to go in with any of your characters? Were there any changes Alan Ball made that you would have preferred he didn't make? Was there a change he made that you wish you'd done in the first place? Other than your vampire characters, who's your favorite vampire character of all time?

Dawn Loner said...

First i love your books Second i have read the Sookie Stackhouse Books 5 x! 3rd i love your imagination and you!
1- how does a all american house wife come up with such passion and lust?
2-are you happy the wy True Blood is going?
3- Who would you cast for Quinn?
4-why do you torture us with cliff hangers ?lol! i had to buy 2 books at a time and run out the next day to buy 2 more! lol! i am addicted by the way!
5-when can i expect book 11?

decadence said...

Suzanne, thanks for the opportunity to ask questions for Charlaine to answer. Good luck in your interview (I'd be squeeing too!)

1. With the blood bond between Eric and Sookie, would Sookie be capable of being with anyone else while Eric is still in existence? Both in terms of her ability and if the bond's effect on Eric allow him to let Sookie be with someone else if she chose to?

2. Which vampire did Niall mean at the end of Dead and Gone?

3. Under all the machinations, how does Eric truly feel about Sookie and is he aware of it?

Allison from Australia

Kelly M. St Louis, MO said...

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse Series!!

Okay...on to my questions...

1. When did you have that first "aha" moment when you decided to begin writing a vampire series?

2. Out of all the characters, to whom are you most fond of?

3. In creating the Bon Temps universe, how did you go about developing the character's personalities and interwoven histories?

4. Will there be a storyline in which Sookie speaks to Grams from the other side?

5. Have you ever been surprised at how large the Sookie novels fan base is?

Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

Kelly M. From St. Louis, MO


The Amazing Mrs. Wood said...

I cannot wait for this book!

My questions:

1) When you conceived the SVM, did you have an "end game" you wanted to work toward, or do you just let the stories flow where they will?

2) How many books ahead do you plan in advance?

3) With so many books now, how do you keep track of who has done or said what, in case it affects the plot?

4) The TV show has a lot more Tara in it- do you have plans to include her more in the books because of the popularity of the television character?

Rachel Graham said...

My question to Charlaine Harris is, - As a writer, I know that many of my characters, although they are not true portraits of actual people, they very often have mannerisms, character traits and similarities of people that I know. When you first gave birth to Sookie, Bill and Eric, did you have any live models in your mind? If so, do the actual people know you used them or have they recognized parts of themselves. Also, in your mind have the characters moved on, or grown in their personalities since their first inception?
My second question would be, I have read that you prefer to stay out of the TV series production in any major way. I also read that you have been pleased with the casting choices. However, have you had any thoughts on casting characters and have you made those suggestions known?

Thanks for this opportunity to connect with such a gifted and creative writer.

Rachel Graham

Fickle a fan poster on your website. said...

Hi I am Fickle when it comes to all the suitors in the Sookie Stackhouse Series.

Ms Harris you know in your mind the ending of the Sookie Stackhouse Series already.

1. Have you ever considered writing your ending for the Series before the last books are written?

2. Could you give us a unknown freebie clue about DITF.

3. Have you been asked yet to pick a fragrance of purfume for all who want to smell like Sookie Stackhouse?

Candy said...

Thank you for the chance to ask a question of Charlaine. I have only one! (well maybe 2) I wonder if the success of the TV show is having any effect on the story lines you had planned (or adapting to fit) from the begining or if you are sticking to your original story arc regardless. I ask this as I feel that the Bill Sookie story is one that people would like to see continue, maybe in the same direction as the TV show is heading.
Also, on an antatomical point that no one has been able to answer: if vampires are such good lovers, how are they able to obtain and sustain an errection with no beating heart?

Suzanne McLeod said...

Contest now closed!

Thank you to everyone for your questions, there are lots of great ones in the comments. Please don't leave any more questions for Charlaine as they won't be counted.

Don't forget to check back on the 10th to find out who wins the ARCs.

Good luck to all of you :-)

Unknown said...


Everybody who has read the novels and watched the TV series is aware of many differences between them. I wanna know how do

you feel about those changes; Have you already tought "How come I didn't think about it when I was writing" or "Why did they

change it?". If you could, which scenes would you change on HBO series or your books?


Which book you prefer? I mean, which one you most enjoyed writing ?


I realized that many fans didn't like Claudine's death. Did it change anything? I mean, after that would you still kill

another 'popular' character or would you think better about the fans' reaction?


Do you think that in book three Bill has betrayed Sookie, or you see that as something he couldn't avoid?


How did you feel when you found out your life was being considered to be portrayed as a comic book on Female Force ?

Natalia - Brazil

Kelly said...

I noticed there are many differences between the show and the books....Just wondering if these powers that Sookie has are because of her ancestry in the books?

Is she gonna continue to grow into these powers and what does it mean for the different diredtions the two are heading?

Is the "family" going to get togather in the next book?

Steven "Dean" Ramey said...

My Name is Dean, I was luck enough to get Charlaine to autograph my book at the 2009 Dragoncon in the Atl. I read the books from start to finish a few months b4 the next book comes out so I have read the books a lot and cannot get enough of them. I would like to know a couple of questions if I could:

1~ Are any of the characters based on people you know in real life?
2~ Are there any book series you read yourself?
3~ Are there any plans for a cameo in True Blood?
4~ Do you feel that some of the changes they have made in the series will mess things up down the road. Like, how will Lafayette being alive affect later plots?
5~ With Sookie's foes becoming more and more powerful, will there ever be some latent fairy power or some such event that will give her a bit more protection?

Unknown said...

These books were so addicting that I read all 9 of them in less than a week! I cant wait to read Dead in the Family! But I was wondering...

Does the show True Blood now have any influence over how your stories are going to take shape?

Also if Sookie does stay with Eric (who I love by the way) will there be some kind of fairy magic that keeps her alive longer so that it is even possible (since in your books the true fairies have a live longer life)?

Do you like the direction that the series True Blood has taken?


alicia said...

1. What character do u enjoy writing the most out of the SS series?

2. Are there any similarites between Bon Temps and your current city that u live in?

3. Other than Sookie, which character is your fave?

4. Do u have any sort of "rituals" that u do b4 or after write a book?

5. Does ur family influence you when writing any of the SS series?

Sheri, RN said...

What a great giveaway!

My question:

Sookie and Eric are my favorite couple, will they end up together - and will she become a vampire (please?)

How many books do you plan on having in the series?

- Sheri of Ashville, Alabama

Denise said...

AHHHH!!! So excited!

Question: How many books do you plan on publishing in the Sookie Stackhouse Series, I cannot get enough, so I don't think it should ever end :)

- Denise P., New Jersey


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