what came today!!! ZOMG! So excited*!!!!!

My little story is in an anthology with my writerly hero, the awesome Charlaine Harris, and her wonderful Sookie Stackhouse*!! *Does the Snoopy Happy Dance*
Why does she do this to me every time?

Oh, well, might as well ignore her . . . maybe she'll leave me in peace then

Three pics? C'mon, this is really too much for one Hound to deal with. Where's my biscuit?

Click to embiggen and read the start!! :-D Yay! I do so hope everyone enjoys my first Spellcrackers' story! I had lots of fun with it, and I loved this tale of Genny's where we get to see her before the events in The Sweet Scent of Blood, along with a certain kelpie *g*

And I can tell you every story in this book is FAB-U-LOUS! So many great ones, and my little tale is keeping them company! Wow! Just Wow! *faints*

Out August 2 - available from all good book stores brick & mortar or online
Amazon US
Amazon UK

*Please forgive my use of a whole month's worth of exclamation marks!!!!!  #justsoexcitedunliketheHound! *g*
*I know it's not new news, but Woot!!! *Strokes Author Copy* Huge thanks to Charlaine and Toni for including me!


Blodeuedd said...

I totally missed that you were in this story, I actually missed most of them (90%) I need to pay attention

Maria Zannini said...

I think you might be a tad more excited than your pup. LOL.

Congratulations! You're in terrific company.

Qwill said...

How awesome! You mean the book, yes? The dog is adorable too! :)

Neil Ford said...

Will pick up an ecopy of this as soon as I can!

- Neil.

MrsMixx said...

Hehe poor doggy seems to be humoring you LOL
And *squeeee* That's just awesome! This is exciting! So many great authors on that list *g*

Mardel said...

Hey - this is cool. I love reading shorts from my fav authors. :)

Your precious hound is showing you a lot of patience, isn't she? she must love you lots. :)

Barbara E. said...

Congrats! I can't wait to read the anthology, what a great bunch of authors (including yourself of course)!

Lesley said...

I'm off to pre- order it now.

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