Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight by Che Gilson

Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight - my friend Che Gilson's awesome urban fantasy novella (with 2 action-packed stories in it!) is up for pre-order at 15% off! Go check it out!

The blurb:


Illegal pit fighter and werewolf Carmine Rojas gets an off-hours assignment from her boss—babysitting a skin walker who’s gotten herself in trouble with the yakuza. Carmine may kick ass in the ring but tangling with the yakuza is well above her pay grade. So Carmine turns to her gangbanger cousin Rodrigo for help and firearms. Together they spend a terror-filled night battling yakuza thugs, bickering over family, and blowing crap up. 


A martial arts student of Carmine’s finds an opportunity to make some much needed money. What he doesn’t is how slim his chances are. Carmine must intervene or let him die. A tough choice when intervening means asking her boss at the illegal fight club for help.

Pre order here!

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