Halloween Trick or Treats: Giveaway

No tricks here *g*, but I have got a treat of a giveaway for you ...

The Cold Kiss of Death is set around Halloween and features ghosts and all sorts of creatures of the night, and readers have told me it's SCARY and DISTURBING in places, so in celebration of this auspicious night, I'm going to give away a signed copy to one lucky commentator.

So, for a chance to win a signed copy of The Cold Kiss of Death #2 (or an ARC* of The Bitter Seed of Magic #3, if you've already got TCKOD) all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me the last book, or scene in a book, that scared you.

Okay, so I'm going to start this off by telling you the last scene that gave me a SUPER SCARY MOMENT I wasn't expecting. It's in Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong - and it's where Elena and Clay are looking for something in a remote cabin, in the woods, and [redacted for spoiler] happens. Now, in hindsight I know this scene isn't going to scare everyone, but it really pushed my fright button and gave me one of those heart pounding Jurassic Park moments!

How to enter ...

Contest closes end of Sunday, 7th November, UK time, and is open internationally. ETA: winner chosen by Random.org.

1 comment = 1 entry
1 entry = Tweet or Facebook about the contest (1 entry for however many tweets/RTs/facebook comments - leave a comment with a link to your first tweet/facebook, please)
5 entries = Blog about the giveaway (leave a comment with the link to the post, please; so I can find it easily)
10 entries = Post the Spellcrackers Clan Badge in your blog sidebar with a link** to the Clan page (either right click on the image below and save, or copy the html code from here). Leave a comment with the link to your blog, please.

Oh, and help yourself to a cookie ... and no sniggering at my first attempts at decorating otherwise I'll send Genny round to hex you *g*

Just baked!

All decorated!

Happy Skulls!

Bats galore and a couple of Vlad's coffins!
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On Saturday I was lucky enough to be interviewed at the Bridport Literary Festival about my books and my writing process, by Melissa (on the left below) who works at the Bridport Waterstone's and was super cool enough to tell me she loves my books! Yay! Hollie (on the right below, and who is also super cool as she loves my books too!) did a wonderful introduction at the start, and Melissa asked me some great questions, as did the audience afterwards, so the interview was fantastic fun.

The interview was held in the Bridport Arts Centre which is a beautiful classic style building. I really enjoyed myself and I hope everyone there did too. So thank you to all who came along, the folk at Bridport festival and all at Waterstone's for inviting me. There are more photos here.

Melissa (my excellent interviewer), yours truly, and Hollie (MC extraordinaire)at Bridport Literary Festival
* ARCs of The Bitter Seed of Magic will be sent out as soon as I receive them. I can't tell you what date yet, but hopefully soon!


Jen@Reading_Lark said...

No joke, the last time I was really scared reading a book, it was the build up to the finale of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I was so freaked out that any of my beloved characters could die!! I don't generally read proper scary books... so that's kind of a pants comment, but still!!

Mardel said...

it's weird - maybe because I'm older...ahem (50 now, damnit!) there aren't a lot of things in any books that actually scare me. Things might give me a pause, or I might get some goosebumps, but I rarely get scared...(maybe it's all the medication I'm on?LOL) BUT, when I was 17, living in our first apartment (with my future husband,but then boyfriend) I was alone and reading The Shining by
Stephen King. Now Stephen King books don't normally scare me, even back then (1977), but THIS one had a KID IN DANGER! That always bothers me. Always. This time I was alone and toward the end, and my labrador started growling at the front door, I had been reading this book and then a KNOCK. Turns out it was one of my husbands acquaintances. Funny - my dog never stopped growling at him, and he never did sit down - just stood by the door. I didn't invite him to sit, or offer any soda, etc...the dog just sat by me and growled....I guess he got nervous, because he left after about ten minutes thank god - longest ten minutes in my life. The thing is, my dog was a very friendly black labrador (Ruby) and she rarely growled at people once they came in the house. That whole situation scared me - I've never been that scared since.

Wow = I'd forgotton about that until I started to talk about The Shining! Weird. Anyway - The Shining freaked me out because of the dad chasing the kid with an axe. Then my dog finished it off by growling continuously at this guy - who, a month later, tried to hop a train on the tracks that ran behind our street and ...died. For some reason, all I felt about it at the time was - "he won't be coming around anymore". Something was seriously wrong with that dude though. Always trust your normally friendly dog if they start to growl at someone.

OOH! I think I just scared myself! (where's my medicine?lol) Happy Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

Last scene in a book that really scared me... hmmm... I'd have to say Tommyknockers... when all their teeth were falling out. Kind of an extended bit, but I have nightmares about that, and did before I read that book so... yeah... *shudders*.

The one in Frostbitten that you mention was a good scene.

Ok, You will notice the clanbadge in my LJ now :) I've been meaning to do that for a while, but this was good incentive.
This is also a link to a blog about your giveaway.
And for Kicks, I put it up on my website blog too: http://writerjacampbell.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/another-book-giveaway/
And I crossposted on my FB.

Was I supposed to do these all in one comment?

Falcata Times said...

I've not read anything that scared me in a book but I was watching a thing on Shark's last night and he opened a freezer full of formaldehyde and dead sharks (well you're not going to get live ones in there.)

And to be honest my thought was:
"As he opened the Sharkophegus something within moved..."

Now that sent chills up my spine.

Suzanne McLeod said...

jen@silentsquee: I haven't read that one yet,(still on no 2) but if it freaked you out, then it's scary! So not a pants comment at all :-) Thanks for entering :-)

Mardel: Wow, spooky, weird story, Mardel. Sounds like the best thing not letting him in. I haven't read much of Stephen King - too scary for me. Thanks for dropping by :-)

phoenixfirewolf: I haven't read that one ... sounds terrifyingly icky. That scene in Frostbitten really freaked me out for some reason! Thanks for commenting and the links, and no worries altogether :-)

Falcata Times: Eek! How to scare yourself *g* And yep, you're not going to get live ones in there! Lol! Thanks for commenting :-)

Van Pham said...

There was a scene in Unholy Ghost by Staicia Kane where, Chess and Lex were underground and they were attacked by a ghost. i'm usually not scared of much...monsters or gore...but Ghosts..has always gave me the chills.


Ashley said...

The last scary book I read was The Shining. No part in particular. I was pretty much scared through the whole book.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Anassa said...

The last scene that scared me was one in The Devil's Alphabet. Two characters, one of whom was my favourite, get stopped at a roadblock and I was terrified that Bad Things were going to happen.

In terms of creepiness, the most recent book that comes to mind is An Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire. She has an absolute gift for creepy settings.

First tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/AnassaRh/statuses/29312257134

Oh, and nice cookies. :)

Llehn said...

Forest of Hands and Teeth. Every scene that features zombies!!


Suzanne McLeod said...

van_pham: Oh, yes, I remember that one! Definitely scary, and icky too :-) Thanks for dropping by, Van :-)

Ashley: Lol! This is why I've never read Stephen King's stories, I just know he'd freak me out :-) Thanks for commenting, Ashley :-)

Anassa: I haven't read that one, but sounds like it's a scary story. Thanks for dropping by,and for the links, Anassa. Great you liked the cookies :-)

Llehn: Those zombies were definitely scary, and there's that one scene when they have to leave the second place that made me cry :-( Thanks for commenting, Llehn :-)

Cara said...

The last scary book I read was The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker. A novella I know, but so creepy. The descriptions of Frank in the various stages were terrifying.

donnas said...

For books it was Salem's Lot. For movies it was The Exorcist. I still cant watch that again.

tweet - http://twitter.com/#!/DonnaS1/status/29538183289
post and sidebar - http://donnasbloghome.blogspot.com/2010/11/contest-links-for-112.html

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Suzanne McLeod said...

Murf61: Oh, haven't read that one, will have to check it out, thanks :-) And thanks for dropping by :-)

Donnas: Eek, The Exorcist *scared* me too! I don't watch a lot of horror movies as I'm such a wimp; I find it easier to switch off when reading, rather than watching :-)Thanks for commenting, and for the links!

Unknown said...

It's not one only scene,The Harrowing by Alexandra Sokollof is a really scary book!The one scary scene succeeds the other and it was a really amazing book!

I tweeted about the contest here: http://twitter.com/celebridal/status/29657332077

And i took your clan badge with me here: http://bookstobrightenyourmood.blogspot.com/
It's on the right sidebar


Sullivan McPig said...

I'm not easily scared by something that happens in a book, it's more that I'm icked out or feel uncomfortable about something. Especially spiders and giant bugs doing nasty things make my skin crawl.

Julie S said...

I don't read true horror novels, but it can be scary when the main character or other supporting characters are in serious danger and you don't know if they will make it out.


Suzanne McLeod said...

Anna: Oh, I haven't read that one, but sounds like it's a rollercoaster read :-) Thanks for dropping by and for the tweets/links; much appreciated :-)

Sullivan McPig: Yep, that would ick me out too! I do the girly squeal and run if I see anything that has eight legs *shudders*. Thanks for dropping by :-)

Julie: *nods* Yes, that always gets me too :-) Thanks for commenting :-)

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